About Us

About Us

About Us


Building Bridges for Youth Initiative (BBFYI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 and incorporated in 2018 (CAC/IT/NO 119011) with an office in Abuja, Nigeria. Prior to our official incorporation, we had engaged in the reintegration of deported friends and individuals. We have assisted persons facing deportation as well as those who were deported to Nigeria from Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana in the past

BBFYI saw the need for services that can help such individuals adjust positively to deportation. Given our African roots, we are concerned primarily about the impact of returns and repatriation on Nigerian and African nationals as well as the likely positive impacts that these displaced persons can have on Nigeria’s development when properly equipped. We were inspired to start BBFYI, so as to help them plan for a better tomorrow by focusing on the need to improve their own lives as well as the need to contribute to the development of their home countries

We help fill gaps in knowledge about realities in the desired country of destination and the dangers of irregular migration such as the risks of trafficking, abuse, organ harvesting, and exploitation


Oluwagbemisola O. Lawal

Executive Director

Abdulmajeed O. Hamzat

FInance Director

Adebowale Adepeju


Afoma Michelle Modebe

Programme Coordinator Abuja.

George Esther Oborotomu

Advocacy Director


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A non-profit which pursues collective goals, capacity building, self-reliance and empowerment. BBFYI programs improve the economic well-being of Youths-Deportees and Women by providing relevant skill acquisition, empowerment, job creation and income generation avenues. We mobilise students-youth-deportees-women to be self-reliant. We assist the communities to discover their own potentials and rely on their own resources

To empower young men and women in Nigeria with the abilities and opportunities to determine their own future through enlightenment, exposure, correction and mentoring.

Development of an individual post arrival reintegration plan and skills training

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We are poised to contributing our quota to the development of individuals, communities, and societies. We believe that growth and positive change cannot be feasible without development to drive it. It is against this backdrop that we have crafted stellar projects to drive this agenda of the organization

Attend to critical issues of development that guarantees employment and reduce poverty of the youth population.

Volunteer visitation program to foreign deportation/detention camps and facilities

Advocacy and community mobilisation

BBFYI assists in the reintegration of deported persons by Post- deportation-Monitoring and collaborating with our partners, Embassies, and other service agencies through Advocacy for migrant rights, Youth empowerment aimed at providing coping skills, and the enabling environment for Deportees and youths to lead decent lives and contribute meaningfully to national development.

BBFYI will explore themes related to self-reliance, migration, diversity, and identity. Our programs recognize young persons ( youths ) as powerful agents of social change and aim to ensure their active participation to address key challenges related to unemployment, migration, migrant integration, irregular migration, human trafficking, inclusiveness, identity, diversity, human rights, and social cohesion.BBFYI has an office in Abuja and Makurdi, Nigeria.


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